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"We are bringing quality and affordable instant photo booth to everyone."

Simply Booth is a simple instant photo booth for everyone!

At Simply Booth, we stripped away the clutter from current photo booth packages and present you a simple package. In the meanwhile, reducing cost that is passed on to you.

An instant photo booth is a big hit at every event, and every good event deserves an instant photo booth! Our service is suitable for any event, we have been engaged for Dinner & Dance, wedding, birthday party, product launch, media event or festive celebrations. Our instant photobooth is also a great wedding gift for your friends!

Check out our affordable photo booth packages and book us for your next event!

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Photos are a wonderful way of reminding yourself about various events and locations you visited during your life. It doesn’t matter if you take them at a photo booth or high up in the mountains, they still remain a unique testament of your memories. However, taking photos at a corporate event is surely something that you need to prepare for a lot. Most of the time these photos won’t be delivered immediately, and you might be a little stressed to see how you look in the photo.

We, Simply Singapore Malaysia Instant photobooth , came up with the idea of designing a portable photo booth that allows you to take photos at corporate events or even private parties in a matter of seconds, thus removing the hassle of receiving the desired image after a few days or weeks.

In addition to that, these booths can also be used at events such as weddings, exquisite dinners or anything where you want to immortalize the moment via some unique and interesting pictures. The photo booth provides the best speed on the market, since no similar product can achieve the 8-second printing rate that we are offering. Our product it one of a kind, and people are very delighted and amazed that they can receive a personalized snapshot at their event in just a few seconds.

What’s really important is that our staff will stay near the booth during the duration of the event and guide those that want to take a great photo.

But just being able to take photos wouldn’t make this product as amazing as it is. Instead, it also includes things like voice prompts, live preview and other unique features that provide people will all kinds of customizations options. What’s more, we are also providing the event guests to choose an option that automatically updates their images to our website, if they want to make them popular. This is a wonderful service if you want to highlight anything related to your even. Photo Booth Singapore

On top of that, our designers will come on-site before the event and create a custom photo booth, based on the theme and other information regarding your event.

It’s really important for customers to know that our solution is high end, but it does come at very affordable prices as well.

On top of that, our photo booth also allows you to choose a unique photo border, something that is very important for those persons that want a more custom, interesting photo of themselves.

As you can see, there’s no better solution than our unique photo booth if you want to immortalize those precious moments at an exquisite event. Don’t be thankful that you find a low-cost company with this type of service, as their printing services will most of the time be way slower and with lower quality as well. Why settle with the mediocrity when you can use the best. Contact us right now and you’ll surely be amazed by our inclination towards customer satisfaction. We want your even to shine, and taking snapshots for your happy guests is surely a part of that.